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Krawiectwo Ogólne M.K. Golińscy

[Polen] Komplet polar

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We manufacture mainly light for babies and children up to 10 years old, in the sizes ranging from 56 cm to 140 cm, in diversified coloration (usually about 10 colours in a given size).
Our products are made of cotton, velour, polar fleece, corduroy, and other fabrics of various thickness, nice to touch and high quality, which are real pleasure for children who wear them.
We heartily invite all warehouses for cooperation and to the retailers we suggest cooperation with our partners.
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Katalog/Branche: Textilbekleidung & Mode -> Odzież, Obuwie -> Children clothing


Krawiectwo Ogólne M.K. Golińscy

Straße:Nowaka 7/22
Telefon: +48 32 2499267
Fax: +48 32 2499267


Name und Vorname: Ewa Golińska
Telefon: +48 32 2499267
Handy: +48 609731670
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